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Time is a code that shapes everything — by looking at the past, we can explore details that will help influence our future creative ideas.

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Hello — my name is Devin Edwards, a creative director and art director who partners with agencies and brands.

Brands I've worked with.

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I've had the opportunity to direct projects for fortune 500 companies and award winning agencies via integrated marketing campaigns, social and digital content, commercials, experiential activations, branding, UI/UX, VR/AR, print, and OOH advertising.

I’ve worked in technology, telecom, healthcare, e-commerce, environmental,  interior and fashion retail.

Brand Clients :: The Beck Group, Jewelers Mutual, ASUS, Cinergy Entertainment, Barcel USA, EarthX, E8 Internet, Walmart, Dr Pepper, Cicis Pizza, Warner Brothers, Metro By T-Mobile, ADDY's, Cinionic, Jack Mason, LG, Andrews Brewing, Lennox, J. Hilburn.

Agencies :: Firehouse Agency, LERMA Agency, Moroch/Side Chops, The Richards Group, Commerce House, Trace Element, AKH Digital, YesGo, Shoptology.

My visual style can be described as minimalistic yet technical, with subtle accents of something different.

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I enjoy crafting experiences that resonate with people in both the physical and digital world.


Creating authenticity is crucial, even in spite of the somewhat impersonal nature of our online interactions. My direction usually involves balanced or unconventional designs paired with minimal, yet carefully crafted writing that conveys meaning.


Every aspect of the creative process, from the shape of a graphic to the choice of words used within a caption should support and enhance the overall message, each decision being carefully considered and contributing to the ethos of the final product — the end result should feel natural and purposeful.

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